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Holism Research

This research agenda seeks to show the effects a holistic approach to health will have on people with Down Syndrome. The more research that is available to the public, other health professionals and legislators, the greater the chance that there will be a greater acceptance and understanding of incorporating holistic principles and services into their lives. 

Our Research Principles

1. Learning and development follow sequences.

2. Proper structure determines proper function.

3. Foods are meant to nourish your body cells. The health of your cells is directly related to the health of your food.

4. Core stability is essential for proper load balance within the spine, pelvis, and kinetic chain. 

"The Core Four" of Our Ongoing Research Agenda

1. Research on general health outcomes following NeuroStructural Corrective Care. 

2. Research on effects Neurostructural Correction has on Neurological and Physical Development

3. Research on effects of BioNutritional enhancements in conjunction with NeuroStructural Corrective Care. 

4. Research on effects NeuroStructural Correction has on Muscle Coordination and Core Strength. 

In order to accomplish the goals and objectives of our research agenda, the following long term project is proposed:

1. Create and support the next generation of Holism centered scientific researchers to carry out these projects; 

2. Identify and continuously update a manifest of research projects directly relevant to the agenda; 

3. Involve a large segment of Holism centered groups, organizations, associations, vendors, practitioners, families and patients;

4. Market the project and its results to practitioners, families, patients, legislators, policy makers and the general public through an integrated campaign. 

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